About Us

Our Mission

The mission of GL Engineering is to provide the highest quality, custom-designed engineering solutions and concepts, such as filling needles and sterile processing equipment, to the pharmaceutical industry while helping to simplify operations, reduce error, and streamline the overall process.

Our Company

GL Engineering is a U.S.-based company providing innovative design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation of sterile process engineering concepts and solutions, including custom-made, single-use filling needles and thermocouple testing clamps for the pharmaceutical industry.

With more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our engineers are committed to designing the best possible products and services to optimize your filling process. GL Engineering’s main goal is to provide our customers with a customized approach to the cleanest and most efficient filling options to best suit their machines and facilities. Given the proper dimensions, GL Engineering can design custom, single-use filling needles and assemblies, bulkhead fittings and thermocouple clamping systems for any and all brands of equipment.

When working with GL Engineering, our quality assurance program ensures that every single component we design and build goes through a methodical testing and validation process. If required, this occurs in our ISO Class 7 classified cleanroom environment. Through the use of mechanical gauges to simulate the process, our quality assurance team tests each product to ensure the closest fit with design specifications. Each custom-designed component from GL Engineering has full traceability of raw materials.